Rick has been our agent on more than one purchase and has been terrific to work with. He is very knowledgable about the market. He is wasy to work with and is always upbeat and friendly and was mroe than willing to accomodate our million scheduling requests. I would recomend Rick for both a listing or purchaseing agent - or both. He is fair and easy to work with. Professional in every sense of the word and personal as well. We love Rick!!! We hope he sells a lot of real estate so he dones't decide to leave his day job and find another carrier!!

Buyer - 2011


Karleen has a long history of representing our family members both for sales and purchases in Bryce Valley. She's responsive, very well informed about the local market for properties, and also is a great referral source for inspectors, contractors and other property-related services.

Seller - 2015

When my Husband and I were trying to decide if we should sale our home of 35 years and downsize to a single level home, I contacted Bridgette to see if this was a good time with the market to downsize. Bridgette was very familiar with the housing values on new and older homes and felt that we could do the sale and purchase without any real financial setbacks. We discussed building, buying and some of the things we could do to improve our home to make is sell faster. Bridgette was always available for a call or text to answer any questions we had. We had ony bought this current home and it had been such a long time ago that we were scared and aprehensive to make the change. Bridgette's knowledge and confidence made our decision easy! We listed our home and sold it in 30 days for our asking price and purchased our current home all at the same time. Everything worked timing wise and moving wise that it could not of been better. Bridgette proceesed the sale and purchased and guided us through the whole process to the point that we just focused on the packing and moving. She would remind us the timeframes and steps we needed to take but honestly I knew she would so I didn't have to worry about the buying and selling processes until they were needed. I have recommended Bridgette to many people and my Daughter is currently using her to purchase her new home. LOVE HER!

Seller - 2013

Bridgette assisted us with a building lot purchase. She was awesome! She was very knowledgable as well as very quick to respond to our needs and concerns. I would recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sale.

Buyer - 2014

Very personable! I enjoy working with her and would definitely recommend her to my friends! Bridgette texts me with answers with my questions, answers my phone calls, and emails me info. If she isn't sure about certain things then she finds out and gets back to me. She took us to several homes to check out the floor plans to make sure we were completely satisfied. She has also referred us to a finance company who is also friendly and helpful. I drove all the way there to check out the lot for myself and she happen to contact me while I was there. We met up at her office and I was introduced to her sister he also helped answer questions about our future home. I feel very satisfied about our decision to buy and build this home. I am so looking forward to my get away and having her help me out in the future if needed. She will be my go to realtor.

Buyer - 2014

Our most important first step in deciding to buy our first home was asking Bridgette Garcia to represent us. Bridgette proved to us that she had our best interest at heart and that our business and time was going to be valued. She returned our phone calls,answered all our questions or concerns and had great advise on all the details of buying a home. Bridgette was on time when we needed to look at a house, even in the worst weather conditions we could count on her. We had deep confidence and trust that Bridgette would ensure we were getting the best home for our ideal budget. Bridgette made it happen for us, a brand new house in a great area,far below the budget we were comfortable with. She worked hard and earned our respect. Bridgette really took care of us at a very critical time and gave us sincere and dilligent representation.

Buyer - 2010